nomadic subjects

„Though the image of ’nomadic subjects‘ is inspired by the experience of people or cultures that are literally nomadic, the nomadism in question here refers to the kind of critical consciousness that resists settling into socially coded modes of thought and behaviour. Not all nomads are world travelers; some of the greatest trips can take … Mehr nomadic subjects

anarcha-feminist fanzine. 1° edition

Kälte trotz Frühlingssonne im Januar. Erdenmenschen stöbern im Müll und sterben an Grenzen. Ein ziehender Traum: Es könnte anders sein. with poems and paintings of participants of the anarcha-feminist* reading circle ¡auf Anfrage erhältlich gegen Spende! 1° Fanzine of the anarcha-feminist* reading circle Freiburg: Januar 2016 Autor*innen: A∙J∙A∙R∙E * FLTIQ* / LGBTQIA* / persons of … Mehr anarcha-feminist fanzine. 1° edition