Book: Today, I decided to listen to my Body’s Stories


For more Freedom in Feminism

Written by Harita (facebook)

Illustrations by Annika Gemlau

Editor: Dongnyok Publishers, Seoul, South Korea

As a result of friendship, neighbourhood and shared feminist ideas and activities, Harita first asked me to design the cover of her publication. She is not only telling the story of a self-empowerment from sexual abuse and the damages of sexualized violence to the achievement of healthy body relationships, but also she is offering lots of different inspirations and strategies to overcome the often negatively influenced connection to our bodies and sexual partners.

While starting the illustration and translation process and the dialogue with the editor, soon it became clear that also some illustrations should figure inside of the book. So after some intense months of brainstorming, translating, taking photos, drawing, painting and sharing, Haritas words are printed and accompanied by 14 illustrations of mine in different collage styles.

All my gratitude goes to Harita. For her great work and her courage to take this artistic and personal challenge. And I also want to thank Mihye Choi of Dongnyok Publishers for her patience and big will to dare something new with this book. It would be awesome to translate her work into English or German and publish it in Europe.

Buy the book here.